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Transcendence of Origins: LA's SINSATION Introduces 'I Am Man' - A Gripping Musical Odyssey into Humanity's Depths

"I Am Man" stands as a profound meditation on the roots of human existence, delving into the ceaseless cycle of conflict and devastation propelled by an unquenchable thirst for power and riches. It casts a revealing light on the historical subjugation of women throughout the ages, with Medieval Christianity's representation of females as culpable for humanity's downfall serving as a prime example. Stark realities such as female genital mutilation in Africa and the enforced veiling of women in the Middle East underscore the brutal challenges they confront, carrying dire consequences for those who resist.

The enigmas enveloping the realm beyond life's curtain remain tantalizingly enigmatic until personally encountered, rendering all other speculations on the matter mere conjecture. Consequently, the idea of a destiny akin to a "darkness before" (implying an absence of memory of a prior existence) and a "darkness thereafter" potentially molds our ultimate journey. To encapsulate the core of this intellectually stimulating notion, the single "I Am Man" seamlessly weaves together a forceful thrash-infused musical arrangement with a visually arresting vampire-themed video, vividly bringing to life SINSATION's nightmarishly captivating interpretation.


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Hailing from Santa Barbara, California, SINSATION is a bloodthirsty vampire clan that has been making its mark on both Hollywood's iconic venues, including The Viper Room and Whiskey Go Go, as well as the California coast. Their music is a unique fusion of metal, rock, and goth, captivating audiences with dark videos, wild live shows, and mesmerizing vampiric chants that always leave fans craving more. Their recent signing with Sodeh Records only solidifies their quest for global domination, adding to their dark and alluring following one bite at a time.


Emerging as a vampiric metal powerhouse, Sinsation defies convention and expectations. The roots of this gothic ensemble trace back to 2019 when fate brought them together during the Zombie Prom, revealing a cosmic alignment that demanded their collaboration. Originating from the vibrant music scene of Southern California, they assembled a remarkable lineup, drawing inspiration from the likes of Arch Enemy, Black Sabbath, and Lamb of God. This fusion gave birth to the unmistakable and original style that is quintessentially Sinsation.

Under the guidance of Jaxxrock Entertainment, Sinsation quickly rose to prominence, enthralling audiences at prestigious venues such as the Viper Room in Hollywood and achieving victory at the Metal Meeting in Arizona. Undaunted by the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, they boldly released singles accompanied by captivating music videos. Their unwavering success attracted endorsements from renowned entities like TigerLuv Guitars, Warp Core Pickups, Poison Valley Clothing, Dirtbag Clothing, Coffin Cases, Pig Hog Cables, Intune Guitar Picks, Skull Strings, Shroeder Cabs, and Sophia Tremelos. These accomplishments, coupled with deals from TerrorCrew Production, AMG Records, and later Kingside Records, propelled their rise to vampiric greatness.

Now, armed with the dynamic vocal prowess of frontwoman Stacy McKiller and the exceptional guitar talents of Sado, Sinsation is prepared to unleash their musical brilliance. Their latest releases, "Up Until Now" and "Horns Up Fangs Out," launched under the Metal Assault Records banner, signal a new chapter for the band. Managed by Reapers Underground Productions, their journey continues to accelerate. Additionally, Sinsation is poised to take a monumental leap forward with an upcoming album and visually stunning videos, all under the esteemed Sodeh Records.

As their sound grows in intensity, Sinsation fully embraces their craft, delivering mind-bending live performances, enchanting videos, and captivating recordings. With an impressive track record behind them and a future that holds immense promise, Sinsation's unstoppable force remains unshakable. Join their legion of devoted followers and bear witness to these musical titans conquering the world stage, as their ambitions expand beyond the limits of imagination.



Stacy McKiiler - Vocals

Sado Rabaudi - Guitars

Sammy “Fearce” McPherson - Guitar

Mike Fitzgerald - Bass

Billy Browne - Drums


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